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 Runecrafting ---> Easy money For p2p !

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PostSubject: Runecrafting ---> Easy money For p2p !   Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:22 pm

U will need to do this :
At least 44 runecrafting and at least summoning 57.

Stuff u need:

Spirit Ghraak summoning puch
Pure essence
Nature talisman / tiara
Few Ring Of Duelings ( 8 )

What u gonna do is :
Tele to Castle Wars bank .
Then right click on Spirit Ghraak and press interace and teleport.
And walk to nature altar . Tip:when your summoning points are low u find obelisk next to altar!
When u have crafted all essences then tele back to Castle Wars !
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Runecrafting ---> Easy money For p2p !
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